Adjective. Harmful often in a subtle or unexpected way.


Verb. To ring with many echos.


Noun. Cloudy diffused matter such as mist, steam or fumes suspended in the air.

Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia

Noun. A cold-stimulus headache, colloquially known as an ice-cream headache or brain freeze, is a form of brief pain or headache commonly associated with consumption (particularly quick consumption) of cold beverages or foods such as ice cream and ice pops. It is caused by having something cold touch the roof of the mouth, and is believed to result from a nerve response causing rapid constriction and swelling of blood vessels or a “referring” of pain from the roof of the mouth to the head. The rate of intake for cold foods has been studied as a contributing factor. A cold-stimulus headache is distinct from dentin hypersensitivity, a type of dental pain that can occur under similar circumstances.


Adjective. (US, slang) Fine, excellent, OK.


Noun. (anatomy) In vertebrates with legs, the end of the femur near the hip joint, not including the head or neck. In some arthropods, the second segment of the leg, between the coxa and the femur.


Noun. A list of dramas, operas, pieces, parts, etc., which a company or a person has rehearsed and is prepared to perform or display.


Noun. A small flaw or sin. A petty offense.


Noun. A very thin river or flow.


Adjective. Of the poorest quality. Hateful.


Adjective. Firmly established from having been around for a long time; of long standing


Noun. A gangster; a hired thug.


Noun. One who is fearful and timid, especially in making decisions and plans, in discussions, debates, arguments, and confrontations, and in taking responsibility.


Adjective. Very cold; lacking warmth; icy.


Adjective. Showing no interest, vigor, determination, or enthusiasm.